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The Class of 2010                            

Your portraits should be as unique as you are.
We create one of a kind portraits that are classic, natural, and stand the test of time. We don't do "cheesy" or use clichéd templates to mass produce images. We strive for "wow"! You'll be proud of your portraits created by michael lentz photography.

We Offer ...
Extreme service -- it’s what we do.
Outstanding product -- we exceed expectations.
Affordable pricing -- quality doesn’t have to cost too much.
A No-Risk Guarantee -- Our Kodak Promise of Excellence.
Cutting Edge technology, expertise, and artistic interpretation.
Relaxed atmosphere -- you’re never rushed, have fun, be yourself, just like at home.

Your school may pick where your yearbook picture is taken, but you get to choose who creates your senior portraits. Come have some fun and let's create some special portraits just for you. Use your freedom of choice, schedule a session with us today.